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Vladimir Tsirkin & Associates is not like any other law firm. We value the quality of our work over our business attire. We prefer wearing jeans and spending more time with our clients over wearing expensive suits and billing our clients for every second of our time. We are a business that puts our clients’ needs first, and we do it in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We understand the challenges of managing family, home, and business. Let us take the stress out of your life and guide you so that you know how to how to protect your wealth, your business, your family, and your legacy.

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Who we are

Vladimir Tsirkin


Before becoming a lawyer, Vladimir had two major careers. After graduating with honors Naval Engineering Institute at age of 22, he was...

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Anna Gershteyn

Client Engagement Director

Arriving in the US at the age of 8 with no knowledge of the English language, I was an extremely shy kid and could bond with my peers easily. Add to this the fact that my parents moved around a lot while trying to...

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