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If you or a loved one have been injured in an incident involving an electric scooter, whether as the rider or another party, contact a Fort Lauderdale Bird scooter accident attorney Vladimir Tsirkin will work tirelessly to secure the compensation you deserve.
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Category: Bird Scooter Accident

Vlad Tsirkin
Bird Scooter Accident
May 18, 2019

We know that electric scooters have become a very popular way for locals and tourists alike to get around. They are fairly easy to use and offer a decent alternative to riding a bike or walking. However, what happens when an injury happens while a person is using a scooter? At Vladimir Tsirkin & Associates, […]

Vlad Tsirkin
Bird Scooter Accident
May 03, 2019

Electric scooters were recently introduced in Fort Lauderdale. Then followed a scooter ban from Fort Lauderdale Beach during spring break. Then there was a debate about banning them from the city completely. And finally, a decision was made to allow them to continue operating on Fort Lauderdale sidewalks. No, the transition to electric scooters in […]

Vlad Tsirkin
Bird Scooter Accident
Mar 29, 2019

By now, you are well aware that electric scooter companies are operating all over Florida, including here in Fort Lauderdale. These scooters offer riders a way to get from place to place without having to get in their vehicle. The goal is to provide our citizens with more low-cost transportation options. However, there is no […]