Employment Contracts

What is it?

Employment contracts are typically used when an employee is hired or promoted. Hiring contracts may cover a number of key features of employment at a certain company, such as the following:
  • Date of hire
  • Title of position
  • Job description
  • Delineation of benefits, including health insurance and vacation days
  • Severance or retirement benefits
In addition to the hiring contract, an employee may be asked to sign a non-compete agreement and sign off on an employee handbook. The non-compete agreement may bar the employee from working for a competitor or sharing trade secrets with a new employer after termination from the employer that is presenting the contract. New employees are welcome to discuss with one of our employment law attorneys the answer to your questions such as, "Should I sign the non-compete agreement?" and "Can I safely request that the agreement be revised?” Employers, on the other hand, are welcome to discuss legal services needed such as writing, reviewing or updating the employee handbook, which may function as an elaboration on the employment contract. Our law firm is also available to provide training to hiring officers, human resources personnel and employees themselves on elements of employment contracts such as grounds for dismissal, non-compete agreements and discrimination complaint procedures.


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