Florida Reporter Recalls Vicious Dog Attack: "I Became the Story"
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Category: Dog Attack

Vlad Tsirkin
Dog Attack
May 24, 2019

Florida reporter David Goodhue was on a routine assignment back in November of 2018 when he was savagely and brutally attacked by a Canary bull mastiff belonging to the man he was slated to interview. The attack, which happened in the Keys, left him with serious injuries that necessitated several reconstructive surgeries to correct. Goodhue […]

Vlad Tsirkin
Dog Attack
Mar 15, 2019

When it comes to loving our furry animals, Americans know how to do it best; well, some Americans. In this billion dollar industry, dogs are considered children to some families. However, not every dog owner covets their furry animals as others. Some use their pets as a form of protection and train them in such […]

Vlad Tsirkin
Dog Attack
Jan 18, 2019

Dogs are the best. They show loyalty and unconditional love. Dogs always appear in love with their owners and all they really want is a scratch behind the ear. But, the truth is, in order for a dog to really behave it takes countless hours of training and patience. Not everyone has the time to […]