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Florida Bicycle Law

Vlad Tsirkin
Sep 22, 2020

Florida is the nation’s most dangerous state for cyclists who share the lane with other drivers. Every day, thousands of riders take streets, whether on a work-to-work trip or a joy-ride. Unfortunately, crowded roadways, intoxicated or reckless drivers and even road dangers contribute to frequent collisions involving motorcyclists. If you or a loved one is injured in a cycling crash, contact one of the cycling injury attorneys to see how you can get compensation for the injuries or damages. Before that we need to have the idea of the Florida Bicycle law.

Now what is this laws?

In Florida, bicyclists may follow equivalent rules on bicycle crashes to those experienced by drivers of other types of cars. This car crash automobile injury lawyer Florida-laws includes meeting traffic lights, no signs of U-turn, and rules of one-way. Bicyclists are required and encouraged to use blinking lights at night, so that the cyclist can be seen by anyone. With the advent of LED lamps, it is now easier for bicyclists to prevent an accident to purchase and maintain bicycle lighting. Special cycle lanes are available on main roads. Bicycle safety is, however, dependent on a variety of variables and many are still not immune from being struck on a bike by a car that sometimes invades their path. Bicycle lanes from Lawson are not obvious and are not fully enforced. That is why bicyclists and other vehicle drivers on the road should be especially vigilant and polite. Ask a Florida bicycle crash solicitor for more details.

The need to educate

Grassroots education is the most critical factor for the welfare of bicyclists, according to Lin. He said road safety is the responsibility of everybody so both bicyclists and car drivers should be trained. Pamphlets should be distributed to raise awareness of the welfare of cyclists. These pamphlets should contain tips on following road laws, sticking in the correct lane and avoiding texting while driving. Many car drivers were not accustomed to many on-road bicyclists, according to officials.


As mentioned earlier, bicycle usage regulation has not been fully applied. Therefore more jurisdictions have improved their rules and compliance. There are fines for vehicles, for example, which continue on marked cycle paths. The drivers typically get a ticket and are forced to pay fines in certain countries. While the number of death has been lessened by 10 percent, but still a lot of the things needs to be changed.

Some common causes of accidents:

The most serious collision was the bike-vehicle collision where the vehicle’s pilots were aged between 20 and 24. This shocked many Floridians, who frequently blame the elderly population for road-related collisions, but research shows that drivers over 75 were less likely to be involved in such kind of accidents.

The most famous reckless driving habits which cause the bikes to crash are:

  • Car’s refusal for giving the right way to the bicycle
  • Texting while driving
  • Rash driving
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